No Man's Sky Discounted Heavily On PC/PS4, Big Update Out Now


Hello Games has released the latest major update for No Man’s Sky, bringing a wealth of new features and improvements to the space exploration game. Coinciding with this is a sale on both the PS4 and PC versions.

On the PC side, Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store have dropped No Man’s Sky from the usual $60/£40 price down to $24/£16, which matches the cheapest price it’s ever been on Steam. Mind you, the GOG version doesn’t get you a Steam copy, while the Humble Store does.

For those looking to play on PS4, the PlayStation Store also has the game on sale for $24/£10. If you’d prefer a physical copy, you can order one on Amazon in the US for $23 and in the UK for £14.75 as of this writing.

Whether you’re picking up No Man’s Sky for the first time or have owned it since release last August, you’ll find a greatly expanded game as of today. The new 1.3 Atlas Rises update is out now for both PC and PS4 and revamps a number of areas while also introducing a new terraforming tool. Most significantly, it introduces synchronous multiplayer–something players expected would be in the game, only for it to be absent. Hello Games describes the current implementation as a “first step,” warning that interactions with other players is “very limited” for now. That said, you can explore a planet with 16 players, who are currently represented as floating orbs.

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