All The New Overwatch Summer Event 2017 Skins


The Overwatch Summer Games are back, and along with a slightly revamped version of Lucioball, we’ve also received a new set of fun-in-the-sun costumes. This gallery shows off the initial batch of vanity shots, but we’ll continue adding to it now that the event is live with a closer look at every new and returning costume.

While you’ll be able to earn these rewards from the limited-time Sumer Games-themed Loot Boxes, you can also purchase all of the new skins. The prices are below:

2017 Summer Games Cosmetic Items

  • Legendary Skins — 3,000 credits
  • Epic Skins — 750 credits
  • Rare tier — 225 credits
  • Common tier — 75 credits

2016 Summer Games Cosmetic Items

  • Legendary Skins — 1,000 credits
  • Epic Skins — 250 credits
  • Rare tier — 75 credits
  • Common tier — 25 credits

The event will run until August 29. And we’ll be adding more screens to this gallery soon!

We’ll be adding more shots soon!

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