Pokemon Go's Latest Legendary Pokemon Now Available, But Only For A Limited Time


The latest Legendary Pokemon has begun appearing in Pokemon Go. Beginning today, players around the globe will have a chance to battle and capture Team Instinct’s mascot Pokemon, Zapdos.

As was the case with the previous three Legendaries, the Electric-type bird will only appear at Gyms in Raid Battles for a limited time. Before players can add it to their teams, they’ll need to team up with other trainers to take down the powerful Pokemon. Only once it’s defeated will they have a chance to add Zapdos to their collection.

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Zapdos is the last of the Legendary Pokemon that have been confirmed for the game thus far. The first two, Lugia and Articuno, were released following the Pokemon Go Fest event in Chicago, while Moltres was available in Raid Battles last week. Zapdos will only be available until August 14, so players will need to act fast if they hope to add the Electric-type to their team. The final Legendary bird, Ho-Oh, is also rumored to arrive sometime in the near future, though Niantic hasn’t officially confirmed when it will appear in the game.

Niantic recently released a new update for Pokemon Go, which most notably saw the return of Team Instinct’s missing leader, Spark. Meanwhile, Pokemon Go players in Europe now have a chance to encounter some rare Pokemon; previously region-exclusive monsters like Kangaskhan will be appearing in different cities around the continent this month. European players will also have a chance to take part in their own live events soon; Niantic will be holding a series of Safari Zone events across Europe throughout the summer and fall.

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