New Screenshots Of Switch's Fire Emblem Warriors Show Off Latest Characters


Earlier this week, Japanese magazine Famitsu revealed two more characters who’ll be playable in Fire Emblem Warriors: the pegasus knight Cordelia and the female version of Robin. Following that announcement, Koei Tecmo has updated the game’s Japanese website with the first images of the two heroines.

Like the majority of the confirmed roster thus far, Cordelia and Robin both hail from Fire Emblem Awakening, the series’ first 3DS installment. The website doesn’t share many new details about either character, but it does provide a look at how each will play. As in Awakening, Cordelia rides into battle on a pegasus, which makes her ideal for navigating certain terrain; according to the game’s website, some maps will have areas that are only accessible by flying. Robin, like her male counterpart, uses a tome to cast spells, though it remains unclear if she’s a separate character or simply an alternate version.

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The website also shared some new gameplay details. As mentioned in Famitsu, Fire Emblem Warriors will feature a permadeath mode like a traditional Fire Emblem title. Any character who perishes during a battle will no longer be usable for the remainder of the adventure. This mechanic is limited to the game’s Classic mode, however; like most recent games in the series, Warriors also boasts a “casual” option that allows any fallen units to return after the battle.

Warriors also features other signature Fire Emblem mechanics, which were further detailed on the game’s website. Like other installments in the series, characters can strengthen their bond with one another by fighting together on the battlefield. Forging bonds between warriors will net rewards and open up support conversations. Similarly, despite Warriors’ more action-oriented gameplay, players will still be able to instruct characters where to go and even switch between which hero they’re controlling freely during battle.

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Fire Emblem Warriors is releasing for Nintendo Switch and New 3DS sometime this fall. Koei Tecmo says the game features more playable characters than the first installment of any Warriors collaboration. Its roster consists primarily of characters taken from Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates, and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

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