Destiny 2 PC Beta Restricts Certain Game Capture And Voice Chat Apps


Destiny 2‘s PC beta is coming up soon, and, as with any big PC title, there’ll likely be a lot of people streaming it out. Unfortunately for streamers and people who use voice chat, Bungie announced today that it’s blocking certain features of common game capture and communication apps.

On its website today, Bungie explained that, in order to prevent cheating, it is resisting any attempts by apps “to insert code into the game client.” Many capture apps tweak game clients slightly while running to push notifications, capture a game directly, or other such functions.

The most notable apps affected by these restrictions are capture programs like OBS and XSplit. These are the most popular programs used by streamers, but they won’t be able to fully function while Destiny 2 is running, as the Game Capture mode in these apps will be blocked. To capture in fullscreen, Bungie states that you’ll have to either use an external capture device or a hardware manufacturer app like Nvidia Shadowplay or AMD Relive. You can, however, use OBS and XSplit if you’re willing to play in windowed mode, as those apps’ screen and window capture functionality isn’t restricted.

Overlays and notifications from third-party apps are also blocked, so visual queues from Discord or Mumble won’t work. You also won’t be able to track performance statistics, as the game will block framerate overlays from programs like Fraps.

The PC beta begins for people who have pre-ordered the game on August 28, and it opens to the public on August 29. It ends on August 31. You can check out the minimum and recommended specs for the beta here, and you can see what the beta includes here. Destiny 2 officially launches on PC on October 24.

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