The Tomorrow Children's Online Services Are Being Shut Down A Year After Launch


The Tomorrow Children by Q-Games won’t be around for much longer. Publisher Sony and game director Dylan Cuthbert have announced the game will have its online services cut completely on November 1, just over a year after the title’s launch.

Cuthbert took to Twitter to share the news.

In subsequent tweets with fans, Cuthbert explained The Tomorrow Children’s closure is for a number of reasons, most notably the amount of work it takes to run an MMO, updating content, and attracting new players.

The Tomorrow Children is a unique and peculiar blend of Minecraft meets Marxism. You’re thrust into a world where an experiment has wiped out all of humanity, and all that exists is the void. You’re one of many projections who have to rebuild and save the people lost in this experiment. Together, with other players you cannot interact with, you’ll collect resources to build different cities scattered about.

Q-Games’ The Tomorrow Children wasn’t met with great praise when it released in September 2016. After a month of being on the PSN, it went from $20 to free-to-play, and was found to be tedious and unrewarding in our review.

Updates to the title’s PlayStation store page state that the game’s major DLC transactions will cease after August 31, but you’ll be able to continue using the game’s black market micro-transactions until the end of service. All remaining freeman dollars that are on your account when service ends will not be able to be used or refunded, so make sure to use them up while you can.

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