Why Miyamoto Was Initially "Worried" About Super Mario Odyssey


Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto was initially “worried” about Super Mario Odyssey, he says in a new interview. Speaking to IGN, Miyamoto said he was concerned specifically about the idea of New Donk City, a place Mario travels to in the Nintendo Switch game and interacts with humans.

“I was worried about how players would react to being in a world where Mario is this tall and normal people are a little bit taller,” Miyamoto explained. “Or the fact that people don’t get mad at Mario when he’s jumping up and down all over the place. But with all that said, I think I realized that the character Pauline has already existed, and the idea of this game taking place in the city worked out really well. And so we ran with it.”

You can read the full interview here at IGN.

Odyssey launches on October 27 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. We recently learned that it supports two-player local co-op. We played the game at E3 and you can read our gameplay impressions here and you can watch a demo of it here.

In other news, someone has modded Odyssey’s hat-possesion ability into Super Mario 64, so that’s pretty cool.

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