Final Fantasy 15's Episode Prompto DLC Is Available Now


The latest DLC chapter for Final Fantasy XV, Episode Prompto, is now out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players can download it from their respective console’s digital store for $5, while those who purchased the game’s season pass will receive it for no extra charge.

Episode Prompto is the second DLC chapter released for Final Fantasy XV, following Episode Gladio from back in March. As before, the DLC revolves around a specific member of Noctis’ entourage, in this case the carefree Prompto, who finds himself separated from the group in a Niflheim base located deep in the arctic. The chapter sees Prompto “fight to discover the truth behind his origins” and, in a departure from the main game, features fast-paced third-person shooting and snowmobile segments.

Square Enix released a big update for Final Fantasy XV yesterday in preparation for the DLC. In addition to various bug fixes, the update added a new Type-D customization option for the Regalia that lets you leave designated roads and drive off-road with the vehicle.

Episode Prompto will be followed by a DLC chapter starring Ignis. Square Enix hasn’t announced a release date for the next DLC episode, but it has hidden a brief teaser for it at the end of Episode Prompto that confirms the chapter will arrive sometime in December. You can watch the trailer below.

Square Enix has teased it has more announcements to make regarding Final Fantasy XV at Gamescom in August. Earlier this month, the publisher gave fans a closer look at two upcoming titles spun off from the Final Fantasy XV universe: a VR fishing game called Monster of the Deep, and a real-world version of the heroes’ favorite mobile game, King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon, both of which are slated to arrive later this year.

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