Nintendo Switch Coming To Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer Series This Week


Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer segment is wacky and wonderful. The late night TV host and comedian’s video game series has featured games like The Witcher 3, For Honor, and more recently, the virtual reality game Wilson’s Heart. Now, for the first time, he’s airing a Clueless Gamer segment for a Nintendo Switch game. An episode for the Nintendo Switch fighting game Arms is expected to air this week, premiering this Thursday, June 22.

At the end of the June 20 Conan taping, O’Brien asked the audience if they would stay in their seats to preview the Arms episode of Clueless Gamer. O’Brien and Will Arnett go head-to-head in the episode, with the understanding that the competitor who comes in second would have to record a video praising the other. Wins are counted, along with “sick burns”–and there are many of these. They were pretty tame as far as O’Brien and Arnett’s jokes go, and the family friendly Nintendo might have had something to do with that.

O’Brien said he expects the episode to air on June 22, but this could change.

O’Brien himself doesn’t know much about video games, and he often rips them apart in his videos–he called Final Fantasy XV an “epic waste of time.” The Clueless Gamer series has been wildly popular, and O’Brien told the audience at the June 20 Conan taping he’s been approached by numerous game companies asking if they can pay to have O’Brien play their games. O’Brien said he is always honest with them about his lack of experience and how he sometimes makes digs at games, but he says the companies don’t care because it is understood that O’Brien has no credibility with gamers.

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Presumably to make the most of this intrigue, TBS has reportedly greenlit a Clueless Gamer spinoff show, though O’Brien apparently will not host it.

We’ll report back with the Clueless Gamer episode for Arms later this week when it’s released.

Arms launched on June 16 for Switch. GameSpot’s review scored it a 7/10.

“Arms is a strong, substantial fighting game that takes a while to really hit its stride. Its barrier to entry is unlike anything else in the genre, but it’s one worth tackling in order to get at the game’s fascinating take on fighting,” reviewer Kallie Plagge said. “It may not have the same skill requirement as other fighting games, but the flexibility and fast thinking it requires secures it as one that works on its own terms and opens the genre up to a wider audience.”

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