Free Friday The 13th Game DLC Out Now As Apology For Server Issues [UPDATE]


Update 2: Following a delay, Xbox One players also now have access to the new content, including the retro Jason skin that you can see in our recent Friday the 13th livestream. The double XP event begins on all platforms on Friday, June 23.

Update: The free Friday the 13th: The Game update has been released on PS4 and PC, but Xbox One players will have to continue to wait. As explained in a post on the game’s Facebook page, the patch did not pass Microsoft’s certification process, meaning it will need to be amended and resubmitted. Studio head Wes Keltner explained, “This was due in part to some instability of the new content and the memory leak issue mentioned below.”

He then goes on to describe the memory issue that’s been plaguing the Xbox One version of the game and apologize for the situation. He also noted, “We’re getting some outside help, from other colleagues in the industry that have had this identical problem. This in an effort to speed it up, or at least avoid some hurdles getting to the root of the problem.”

Original Story: Friday the 13th: The Game encountered no shortage of server issues following its launch last month, the effects of which are still being felt to some extent. To make up for this, publisher Gun Media has announced it will make the game’s first content update available for free.

As the trailer above notes, Gun wants to “make up for [the issues] and thank you for your patience” by giving away “cool free s***.” The main component of this DLC is a retro version of Jason that comes with new chiptune music created by Mitch Murder. You can get a glimpse of him (and hear some of the music) toward the end of the video.

Also in the DLC is new clothing for every counselor, as well as 13,000 free customization points for all players. Everyone will also be able to partake in a double XP scheduled for this weekend, running from June 23-25. The DLC itself launches tomorrow, June 20.

“Overall, Gun Media is very thankful to our fans, supporters, and those interested in the game,” it said in a press release. “We were completely overwhelmed by the amount of users that tried to play at launch, enough to break our servers and force us to upgrade. That process has evened out since then, however we are still working to smooth out the experience even more across all three platforms.”

In our Friday the 13th review, Peter Brown wrote, “As of now, a week after launch, it’s short on content and performs poorly all around, especially on consoles. The story goes that the developers weren’t prepared for amount of people who wanted to jump on day one, but that does little to assuage players who were convinced that they were paying for a finished product. Despite showing potential that may one day be realized, Friday the 13th comes across as an unfinished game that shouldn’t have been released in its current state.”

If you’ve been playing the game, be sure to check out our gallery of the Friday the 13th Easter eggs you might have missed.

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