Nintendo Switch accessories: items you need to make the most of your console


Update: A word of warning – there have been reports from a company that produces adhesive skins for electronics that the Switch console and its Joy-Con controllers are prone to surface damage when a skin is applied and removed. 

As a result the company is cancelling and refunding orders for Switch skins, advising customers not to purchase them. It’s not yet clear whether this applies to all skins including those officially licensed by Nintendo but this warning is worth bearing in mind if you want to keep your console pristine.  Or at the very least until a Switch-friendly skin has been developed. 

You love the way your Switch looks but you have to admit you can see yourself getting bored of its predominantly grey color scheme soon. 

The Nintendo 3DS was great because Nintendo released so many fun protective cases for it you could make your console look different every day of the week. 

Fortunately, it looks like Nintendo is planning the same thing for the Switch. This Legend of Zelda skin will  let you protect and customize your console all at once. You can get it for £19.99 from Game or $19.99 from Amazon US

We imagine Nintendo will officially license even more skins in the future but why not start your collection now?

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