10 most exciting PC games spotted at the PC Gaming Show 2017


Some games just want to be nice, wrapped in bubble wrap and cotton candy and surrounded by kittens. 

One of those games is the very cute and oh-so-sickly sweet Ooblets – which looks and plays a bit like a cross between The Sims, Pokemon and Harvest Moon. 

Sound weird? Just wait until you see it in motion – it’s certainly  one of the odder things you’ll see at E3 this year.

Ooblets tasks you with managing your own farm, growing and training your titular Ooblets and heading out to explore the world around you. 

You even get to run a shop then head off to travel strange new lands, battle wild Ooblets and other Ooblet trainers, and unlock the mysteries of Oob. Sounds a lot like Pokemon, doesn’t it? But hey, if you’re going to take inspiration, it might as well be from the best. Ooblets due out on and Xbox One in 2018.

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